Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So Greg and I had our opening last friday.

It went really really well and I think we are going to try and do the same show in Montreal, possibly with our friend Dietrich Rostek (link is on my sidebar) although we haven't actually asked him yet.

Here is the full length film that Greg made with Jeremy Shantz, which was premiered at the opening. My roommate Brendan said something about this film which I really liked and that I also think sort of goes along with and compliments Greg's artistic style in general.

He told me that the artist Sophie Calle once said that humour is the hardest thing to put into your work. You run the risk, with humour, of just being a 'funny' artist, in which case of course neither you or anyone else can take you seriously. Its a difficult thing to have a sense of humour while also being sincere about a possibly difficult and serious subject. And Brendan believed that the film managed to do both.

I'm going to have to strongly agree. This film makes me laugh and literally also makes me want to weep. Its about a specific personal experience but somehow I think can manage to hit a nerve in most of us, or at least I hope so. I have been in communication with Greg since he first concieved of the idea for this film until its completion, so maybe my bias is far too strong. I am interested in hearing what other people think, but so far, Brendan's opinion included, is that people were impressed with the technical skill with which the film was executed, but more importantly with its emotional content and impact.

I can't watch it anymore, because I will probably just cry again, but watch it, let me know what you think, if possible.

Dan Epstein took photos of the event, and as soon as I get them from that lovely man, I will post them up here and on facebook for people to see. I am also going to take a short video of the exhibit before I take it down from the White House, so that's another treat to look forward to.

Thanks to everyone who came out, who gave me the best feedback I have ever gotten on my work, ever, who supported both of us, and to the White House as well. You guys are just the fucking best.

I have lots of great plans for projects in the future... after a year of some serious self doubt and questioning, I finally feel like I am on a path, there is a purpose and that I can and will accomplish the things I dream about. Its a pretty amazing feeling, I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading, xoxo.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Its been a while, huh?

I've been working on a lot of things, but haven't really felt the urge to post anything in a long time. Sometimes I just like to have the privacy to work things out without having to show anybody except maybe my non internet peers and teachers. Also, the constant struggle of 'why am I doing this with my life' continues as per usual. What else is new?

Maybe its important to question, within reason of course. You have to be able to push your work. I tend to get a little too bogged down in the questions of 'are you really cut out for this?' and 'does anybody actually care?' OH WAIT, I CARE. That is always what is important right?

Anyways, I have some news! I have a show (actually two) coming up in two weeks!

First, lets have a little life update: I lived at the Gibraltor Point Art Centre for a month in June and it was just the loveliest. Beach parties, great people, beautiful studio, so much kale. I'm a little sad to return to the city. BUT GUESS WHAT? I am going to register for next summer so don't worry, I'll be back. I wish I could just live there forever, its really as magical as everyone says it is.

Ok, so I took a little trip to Montreal back in April and that was real nice except for the weather but the best part about the trip was that I got reunited with my friend Greg Zenha. Greg is a photographer and he's a real good one, and we started talking about our ideas and things we were working on and I was all like 'hey! lets do a show together' and he was like 'ok!' and that was pretty much it.

Here's me talking about this show on the island with David Hanes (my studio mate):

The show is called 'CATARACT.' It features new drawings from myself, large photographs and a short film from Greg.

1) an eye disease that involves the clouding or opacification of the natural lens of the eye
2) a large waterfall; violent rush of water over a precipice.

This exhibition of recent work from Julia Dickens and Greg Zenha, consists of drawings, paintings, photography and film, and initially began as a reunion of two friends. Developed as a means of individually documenting memory and personal experiences, the artists found a common dialogue within their ideas: a sense of frustration but also humour, a break down of significant events, the emotional cataract that follows, and the desire to create meaning of those events in hindsight.

The mirror that Greg and Julia hold up to each other reflects three thresholds. Initiating a conversation between the two artists but also with the viewer. The ambiguity of these three images triggers an emotional memory, ideally exposing the viewer to something within themselves and their own experiences.

Julia Dickens is currently completing a BA in Illustration with minors in Printmaking and Painting & Drawing. She is a former board member at the White House Studio Project, and has shown work in various group shows in Toronto and Ottawa.

Greg Zenha is a graduate of the School of Photographic Arts in Ottawa, specializing in large format film photography. He currently lives and has his studio in Montreal, Canada. This is Greg's first Toronto exhibition, and Greg and Julia's first time exhibiting work together."

Vernissage: July 15th, 7pm.
Gallery Open: July 16th and 17th, 1 - 5pm.

I will post up our personal artist statments, as well as sneak peaks at the work, closer to the date. This is another show I am submitting a drawing to, at the Baitshop in Parkdale.

A Group exhibit of 25 local artists bring you the best in down right dirty murder mystery pleasure.

Come have a hoedown with us all as we celebrate the opening night of CAVES & THIEVES at THE BAITSHOP in lovely Parkdale.


7 pm - 12 am


Erika Altosaar
Gordon Auld
Vicky Avramopoulos
Peter Beales
David Clarke
Arend Currie
Julia Dickens
Myra Dingley
Andru Doyle
Andrew Dunn Clarke ( )
Renee Dykeman
Mike Ellis (
Ro Garizurieta
Eryn Hill
Tiffany Huta (
Jennifer Ilett (
Anna Kasko
Emily Kouri (
Selena Lee (
Vincent Luk
Andrea Manica
Matt Moreland
Hitoshi Murakami
Ewelina Pankowska
Next Level Art Collective (
Sylvia Waliczek
Eric Kostiuk Williams







Bands start at 9pm


Entrance to THE BAITSHOP Is off of Milky Way.

Hope you can make it to either! XO