Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Posters and other thangs


What's up? Is it spring yet? The willow tree across the way from my studio is finally starting to show some yellow-ish leaves so that's promising. This spring has been swamped with commissions and requests to participate in a whole bunch-o-shows! Splendid.

Lets start this off with posters! I'm designing the poster series for a summer concert series called 'Construction.' Created as the summer alternative to the Long Winter, the title plays on that ol' joke that there are only two seasons in Toronto: winter, and construction. Here are the first two:

Secondly, my friend Ian Cheung at June Records has asked me to make posters for June's special events. Special posters for a special store! Here's two I've completed so far:

Also I made this nice window display for Victoire, a boutique based out of Ottawa that just recently opened up a Toronto Location on Ossington! I'm going to take some better photos soon, but here is the one that Kristina Smiff captured for Victoire's Instagram. I look goofy.

Ok so here is another thing. My friend Halloway Jones has asked me to curate the art for this super cool summertime island jam on June 22nd called 'Unaffiliated.' Isn't that great? Yes it is! Please submit, there's only a few more days until the deadline! I bet you could come up with something kewl ;) To find out more, visit the tumblr here. It will be happening at none other than my favourite place in the whole world, Artscape Gibraltar Point.

I am also on the curatorial board for The Roundtable Residency. Founded by buds Morris Fox and Brandon Dalmer, participating artists will have access to a free studio space for approximately a month, and there will be a weeklong exhibition following the residency, with events (TBA) to coincide with it. Submit, the deadline is May 25th! You can find the facebook event here or visit their website here.

There are more exciting new things afoot but for now that's what I've got to report back! Kazoo Fest was a hoot, I went to New York for a week, got 3 different shows coming up in Ottawa, the XPACE Fundraiser is happening very soon, applying to a bunch o' residencies and oh yeah Papirmass interviewed me because I am their featured artist for the month of May! Read the interview on the website here.