Wednesday, February 20, 2013



So things have been busy. Things to expect in the near future: more zine fairs, more zines, new work, an artist statement, a blog design overhaul, and a website!! OOOOOOOO LALA.

First things first! Exciting news! Since I'm pretty sure most of the people who view this blog are just my friends this is probably old news to you, but just in case you wandered into this nice warm blog here from the freezing cold internet, it delights me to inform you that I will be exhibiting new work this coming Friday! At the GO HOME Magazine Launch!

Not only am I showing new work at the launch party but I have also designed a poster for them, which has been turned into a risograph print by Jesjit at Color Code Printing.

And not only am I showing new work and have designed a poster, but I am also featured in the magazine!

AND not only am I featured in the magazine, but they decided to put Double Self Portrait that I submitted on the gad dam cover.

You ladies sure have treated me somethin special. Thanks to Emma Sharpe, Shanley McGuire and Rhodi Illiadou for all your support, for putting this publication together in the first place, and providing a space for emerging artists to show their work.

Come on down to the opening! From 8 pm to 10 pm at The White House Studio Project, 277.5 Augusta (yep, that's my old art studio). If you miss the launch, that's ok you can pick up a copy online in their shop, or at any of the locations listed on their website. Toronto locations include Art Metropole, June Records, One of A Kind and Lebel and Crowe.

I'm excited and nervous! Come, buy a magazine and a drink, support Independent Publishing and buy a magazine! Support artist-run spaces and buy a drink at the White House! Support me and buy my art! (kidding, you don't have to do that).