Monday, December 14, 2009

gimme that sandwich


The Fat City Wildcat launch party was a massive success. Tons of people showed up, we sold lots of zines and everyone seemed to be having a really cool time.

Photos of the work and of the actual party can be seen here.


Follow us! And stay tuned for issue number 2!!

You should also become a fan of us on facebook, because, you know, a blog just isn't enough these days. All social networking possibilities must be thoroughly covered.

As far as my work in the show goes, here are the photos, which can also be seen on the Fat City Blog, taken by Sasha Foster.

All are 18 x 24, priced at 100$ each.

If you interested in getting a copy of the zine, contact me at or through

Big thanks to Taya for rounding us all up and Elliott (look at his website, he is a great designer!) for designing and putting together this publication. Without your wonderful efforts none of this would have come together! Thanks to Sasha and Sean also for letting us use their beautiful appartment to hang up our art. And thanks to all the rest of you who contributed, and especially for participating in the after-show crit at Sasha's, it was more constructive, honest and helpful than most of the crits I've had at school.

These days I feel so priviledged to know and be surrounded by really motivated and awesome artists and friends. Between the White House and OCAD and everything in between Toronto sure has been great this past year.

Also, I feel like a dick because I didn't actually make it out to the opening, but if you are in the area (or not even, because its worth making the trek to the west end, Ossington and Dundas is soooo not that far) check out From Me to You at Show and Tell Gallery. My buddy Graham has some beautiful paintings up that you should look at and think nice things about. It doesn't hurt that the rest of the work up there is pretty nice also.

Check out his blog:


I have known Graham for a few years now. I first met him in Ottawa when he had a show at I think Helsinki? My friend Dietrich (also an amazing artist, check out his deviantart) brought me to check out his work and I was just blown away. Graham was just out of high school at the time, I think, and I was all like 'How OLD is this kid?' Haha, sorry Graham, that totally sounds condescending or something. I just mean that he is really good at the things he does and keeps outdoing himself. He had some work in the latest issue of Juztapoz, which in my mind means he's going some places that will probably be nothing but good. Yeah Graham!!

I think I am going to get Sasha to come take some photos at the studio so you can see some things I've done, things I'm doing, and where I do them in. Having a workspace in Kensignton is really fun also, and I'm kind of thinking of moving to the market or somewhere in Chinatown just so I can be closer. Its hard because at my current place I have sooo much privacy and I really do love the west end but it would just be so nice to be a comfortable walking distance to school and everything else.

I have just enough money to buy and eat a sandwhich, so that's what I am going to do now. There's a lot of other things to talk about, but hungry is a feeling that sometimes just trumps all other types of feelings.

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