Friday, May 28, 2010

keen on zines

I finished my first ever solo zine today.

small regrets

Its a collection of short stories about things I regret doing, or not doing, in relationships.

I came up with it for the nano publishing class I am taking this summer, it started as a branch off brainstorming for another zine project I'm doing with my friend Dimitri Karakostas about how we can't find true love (but who can, really?). Look at Dimitri's things, the link above is to his personal blog, also he does a cool zine called Blood of the Young that is super neat and once featured me on it their site which sure is nice.

I am really attracted to things that are highly surreal and complex but also to very simple storytelling about mundane, or maybe more appropriately everyday events and thoughts. Small acts of bravery and sometimes failures, loss, love, questioning existance, fearing death, funny moments where someone says a clever thing or makes a good face and you spit out your lemonade cause its awesome, alienation and loneliness, momentary connections with other humans, overcoming obstacles large and small, friendship, being enemies with someone for silly reasons, nerd fury, tiny things that make people happy like magic cards or sitting under trees or riding a bus somewhere and listening to music and looking at all the fucking people out there and being terrified and stoked on life all at the same time?

The sublime in the mundane? Yeah, maybe, or maybe I just needed to get some shit off my chest, but here is a little something in that direction and maybe you'll read it someday and be like 'oh yeah, I know what that feels like' and we both will know that no one is ever really alone, right?


The Fat City Wildcat Zine Launch is TONIGHT

Presenting work from Toronto, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, and Scotland.

Featuring work by:

Vesna Asanovic
Gordon J.L. Auld
Andrew Remington Bailey
Nathan Bryant
Yigi Chang
Arend Currie
Taya Cornett
Julia Dickens
Sasha Foster
David F.M. Hanes
Reid James Jenkins
Jamie Johnson
Felix Kalmenson
Denelle Kennedy
Hugh Mater
Kristen McCrea
Andrew McKay
Jillian Kay Ross
Sabrina Scott
Katharina Szilágyi
Elliot Vredenburg

Writing by:

Brandon Kashani
Jeremy Lavoie

Performance by:

Yuppie Couples at 8:30!
(Swampy divine communications)

Music by:

Nathan Cyprys
Hubcap Orphans


Spencer Leman


If you are interested in getting a copy of my zine or the Fat City Wildcat please give me a shout at I'll post up information on where these things will be retailed shortly.

I love you, do something nice for someone today.

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