Monday, October 15, 2012

New (but actually old)

Hi pals

So after over a year I finally got a couple of drawings back from my friend Alexandra Mackenzie from when she took my drawings down to Detroit for Myriad Shocks. They are from the two person show I did at the White House Studio Project last summer with my friend Greg Zenha. Annnnd here they are!

Here is the image I got printed at Paper Pusher, pre-riso printing. I'll be selling this and other nice things at CANZINE this upcoming Sunday! (pssst it's also my birthday)

In other news, my friend Felix Kalmenson has been working on a show for XPACE that is opening this coming friday. I thought I would plug this because, hey, he's my friend, but also because it's relevant to my blog  post from a couple of weeks ago. Here is his artist statement:

Intersection is a photo and sound based installation that explores  how the condominium boom has produced vast ahistorical  landscapes that have resulted in the increasing privatization of  public life and a construction of new geographies of exclusion.  Furthermore, through the demolition of memory embedded in  historical architectures, these hypermodern spaces have constructed  a space devoid of memory and reference to complex social and  economic geographies, signalling a paradigm shift to neoliberal  notions of publicness and a suburbanization of the city.

Felix is also the person behind the Water Walk Sky Artist Residency. Some of you who attended this summer's New Traditions Festival this summer may remember a certain floating box...

Artists (and friends) Vanessa Rieger, Melissa Fisher, Kaitlin Till-Landry and Faye Mullen had the opportunity to exhibit work and participate in the space before, unfortunately, it had to be removed from the waters around Toronto Island (check out Felix's website and you will find a nice photo of the cube during Faye's residency).

The residents of Toronto Island were not happy about the presence of the cube and Felix was forced to move it out of the waters of Toronto Harbour. It has now found a new home on the property of Don Miller, the man behind the amazing summer artist residency Don Blanche.

Felix is hardworking and brilliant, and I am excited to see his show and all his future projects. Seriously dude, way to go!

Ok yeah that's it bye bye!!

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