Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Windows that look into other windows

So these past few months have been kinda gnarly but I'm proud to show some documentation of the two window istallations that I've completed this past summer. My pals at XPACE snapped some great photos of my piece 'Don't Go,' up for the month of August which I just recently took down. If you didn't get a chance to see it in person, here are the shots:

And also here is a link to the PDF of the essay Kirsten McCrea wrote about my piece. Thanks girl! I love it, its pretty much perfect...

Also, here is quick snap of my Gallerywest Window, which will be up for an undetermined amount of time. The gallery is located at 1172 Queen West, squeezed right in the strip between the Drake and Gladstone hotels (also my old neighborhood). Thanks to Brette Gabel and Evan Tyler for inviting me to show my work in such highly visible spot!

This update is long overdue and I have tons of news to share: Ghost Hole coming up on Oct 26th, solo show at OZ Cafe, doing a project for the January edition of Fucked Up's Long Winter concert series (same month as fantastic pal Chris Foster), and co-curating a show at the OCADu Student Gallery with Diana Lynn VanderMuelen. I will be posting information about everything as its coming up, I'm scared and stressed and excited and thrilled. I also need another job, do you have one for me? I'm good at teaching kids and customer service and serving drinks and working reception and booking appointments and blogging and illustration and projecting movies in a small cinema and programming educational workshops and general Gallery busy work and probably some other things HIRE ME.

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