Friday, December 6, 2013

Peering Out From An Abyss

I have a show coming up at OZ Kafe in Ottawa! How nice. You should come if you live there and if you don't that's too bad!

"The 'Julia Dickens' is an artist volcanically erupting from beneath Toronto's precambrian crust. Millions of years of evolution has seen The Julia's deep reservoirs of ink and paint form lines and shapes reminiscent of modern day people, along with words and other nouns. These artifacts have been gathered by scientists, with various instruments and official clothing, in order to give an insight into a mystical world hidden deep within the Earth, and in your own mind, man. Dig it."

My friend Matt King wrote that ^ (not Matt King from DDMMYYYY/Absolutely Free, Ottawa's Matt King who is also a great dude). The show is happening Monday the 16th,  7 pm to 2 am. WAHOO LETS PARTY or whatever have a nice moderately exciting Monday evening. There will be snacks! I'm going to make a playlist! OZ has great cocktails, I'm going to drink all of them! XOXO see u there <3

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