Thursday, July 7, 2016

Two Books, One Show, Some Other Things

I'm so bad at my blog. Do people blog? What is blog.

I'm going to make this brief which isn't like me but still going to try. The more small things I do and as my laptop fills up with scans, revised photoshop and video files the harder it seems to update my internet spaces. I promise I will have one golden afternoon where I'll organize everything, finally get an external hard drive, and generally be "on top of it."

But here are some recent things nonetheless.

I had an art opening with a few new pieces at my good friend Brooke's store / art gallery, The Likely General. If you are around Roncesvalles this weekend this is your last chance to check it out! Here are two pieces from the show. More to come soon maybe hopefully.

I am also please to say that I've had two illustrations in two separate publications this month. The first is a recipie book compiled by my friends Tad Michalek, Katie Jensen and Neil Rankin, the hardworking heads of monthly music / art / food series Feast In The East. Artists were asked to make illustrations for recipies created by members of the community who have cooked food or performed at FITE in the past, and the book also includes a double tape compilation of musicians who have been part of Feast in it's many years. It's available for purchase at a bunch of places in Toronto (like The Likely General!) so pick one up, it's very much worth it. Here is my illustration for the cookbook (for a Victoria Cheong recipie no less!)

Secondly, new friend Tallulah Fontaine asked me to contribute an illustration for the third issue of Home Zine, curated by her and illustrator Carla McRae. You can pick up a copy at their store here.

Photo of Home Zine 3 by Tallulah Fontaine

I also made a poster for a Wolf Eyes show this past May. Sort of a dream project, like one of those moments where if you told me 8-10 years ago that I would be making a Wolf Eyes poster I would be blown away by my future self. Anyways, this future self made a poster for a pretty cool band and the show shredded my brain and my friends put on the show so what is life huh? Not too shabby sometimes.

Lastly, I did a cover for Broken Pencil's May Issue, featuring a piece by my friend Kristel Jax on Drone Day! Here is the original illustration:

Ok I promised it would be short: that's it!


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