Thursday, March 14, 2013

GO HOME Magazine Launch

Hey guys!

So one month later, here are some images from the GO HOME Magazine Launch at the White House Studio Project in Kensington Market.

All photos by Vince Vining (pictured above).

It was so great! I wore really crazy shoes and people complimented my work a bunch!

If you are interested in buying the magazine, the poster, or any other little treats from GO HOME please visit their store!

And thanks again to Emma Sharpe, Shanley McGuire and Rhodi Illiadou for making me your cover girl and feature artist of this issue. I had a great time and you ladies have worked so hard.

Stay tuned, I will be uploading images of my work from the launch, and probably some other things as well. I've filling out submissions, reading a bunch and have a few new projects in the works. It's cold today but summer is almost here and wow we deserve it guys.

Also, I've been working at Xpace! Isn't that nice? Yes it is. I mostly just work on their Blog, posting about upcoming events at Xpace but also calls for submissions that are for, or friendly to, emerging and student artists! Check it out from time to time, there are always really amazing opportunities out there: sweet residencies, group shows, grants, galleries opening their doors for emerging curators and projects! Go for it, friends!


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