Friday, April 5, 2013

Kazoo Fest and My Website!

Hi internet,

Poster by Gregory Pepper

Quick note to say that I'll be selling prints and zines in Guelph tomorrow for the Kazoo Fest Print Expo! If you live in the area come by and visit! It's from 11-3 pm. I will also be selling issues one and two of GO HOME Magazine, as well  as some GO HOME Gear.

Last but not least, I have finally made a website! Look at it!

ALSO ITS ALMOST SUMMER! I've been working out a lot, submitting to stuff, mostly getting rejected, crying a little, submitting some more, looking for a job (HIRE ME), still working part time at XPACE, eating lots of eggs because why not, buying lots of plants. I'm also really tired of people asking me why I am taking such a long time to finish my undergraduate, but its ok guys because I am taking a long time to finish my undergraduate.

Later aligators, xoxo.

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