Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dream a little dream

Hi there

As of this week (within the next couple of days) the FAT CITY WILDCAT is showing work at the Moonbeam Cafe in Kensignton! Its located pretty much at the corner of Kensignton and St. Andrew, so you should swing by and have a look-see.

Here is my work that I will be selling, prices listed below (unfortunately not the sizes, as they are all odd sizes that I can't really remember at the moment, but nothing is larger than 11 by 14).

200 $



170 $

All of them, except the one of the Harpy Eagle, are kind of along the same lines content-wise as the Octopus Dream Catcher I made for Jenn.

Go check out the show! I haven't seen everyone's work yet except Gord Auld and Dave Hanes's stuff, but so far their things look real real nice and I bet I could say nothing but the same thing about everyone else's pieces also.

Also. Life is going pretty swell: after the annual Ottawa Christmas drink-a-thon, I've been keeping on top of everything in a way that will hopefully be indicative of how this year's going to play out: making art every day, exercising lots, eating (mostly) well, not drinking too much or spending too much money, crying over silly things is down to a minimum, got a whole bunch of new comic books, reading a lot and learning to cook and I think Jenn King and I want to start a riot girl band? This last thing will depend entirely on: a) getting instruments, b) learning to play said instruments and c) finding a drummer. But I've been listening to Bikini Kill all week and I am super pumped to maybe actually make this happen.

(Bikini Kill!)

Oh yeah, and I got the crass tattoo. So far best reaction to showing it goes to Greg Denton, I think. Here's the guy (its not healing very well, btw).

Man... I always think of great things to write about on my blog but when I actually get here I can't remember a damn thing.

My teacher Shannon Gerard (oh she makes the prettiest things and she is super smart and rad and I think her class was the best ones I've ever taken, really. I mentioned Crass in this assignment I did - it was a zine - and she wrote on my assignment 'have you ever heard the Jeffery Lewis cover of..." I can't remember which song she mentioned but yeah that dude did a whole album of Crass covers and isn't it like the best when you have a teacher that knows about that shit?) last semester showed us this in class:

Are You the Favorite Person of Anyone?

I don't think I am. I realized this in my class and almost started crying in front of a few people. I almost starting crying in front of that class a few times actually. It was a very emotional semester, and I cry a lot.

I actually did a performance/spoken word for my final assignment. Isn't that weird? That's not what I do at all.

I would like to talk about that more, but there is a larger project that I'm brainstorming right now that is related to it, and I think it would be best to discuss it when I have hashed out all those details and begun the project. Its one of those things that I think I will be working on for years, which is both terrifying and exciting. But yeah...

Sort of related.... I am going to make a zine (look at me, I haven't even finished the zine i started last year) Nothing fancy, but it requires involvement from you maybe?? Dear reader...

Admitedly, this idea comes from a couple of other zines and comics I've seen. Namely the aforementioned 'Angry Dad Vs. Gay Son' by Will Varner, and this fantastic little thing I saw last year at the OCAD zine fair called 'Old Man Smell' that was a collection of drawings and stories about dads and grandpas and stuff. I am still kicking myself for never picking it up.

Anyways, I wanted to call it 'Nerdy Dad' or something to that effect and have a collection of stories that people can submit about their nerdy dads, or maybe even their moms... or grandparents or older siblings... basically I guess its just about the idea that parents are these people that you look up to for guidance and to lead you through life but maybe sometimes they are just these socially awkward people who are really into things that are maybe kind of lame but we just love them anyways? Its a strange thing because you usually just associate social anxiety and nerdiness with this awkard adolescent phase that goes away when you get older and it can be increadibly endearing and embarassing and sad but also just kind of wonderful when you have an older figure that never really got past that? Really, though I am interested to read people's stories. I want photos and things so I can draw pictures as well (otherwise I am just going to make up what your nerdy dad looks like, so beware).

The intent is an exploration of the relationship between the grown up kid who is maybe outgrowing their own parents in some ways and how they deal with thier parents triumphs and failures as human beings and role models. Does that make sense? I hope that doesn't sound lame...

Ok, I gotta go now, but send your stories pleeeease!! If you can. julia_dickens@hotmail.com


Xenia said...

This project sounds good, Julia! Also no one has a single favorite person, thats like having a favorite song, people like different people in different moods and you're one of my faves for sure! xo

Anonymous said...

thank you xenia

brette gabel said...

you are also one of my favorites. i think you should be your own favorite. it's just a little concept i'll be working on this year.
i would love to tell you about my nerdy dad. he's more a rad dad but i like him just the same. i really like your blog. keep it up!

Vesna said...

i wanna help you with your dad thing!
i have a really nerdy dad who makes nolan CDs and goes to northern soul raves -but its kinda awful because everyone is old and balding.

Xenia said...

My dad likes Julio Iglesias and the song 'Barbie girl' by Aqua. wears suspenders and his favorite movies are the Matrix trilogy. here is a family photo from 1993.

Though I dunno, we're immigrants so our rules are different.

Anonymous said...

this is all so so great. I'm excited to do this! Already thinking about the cover art...