Sunday, January 31, 2010

First solo show?

I have a small body of work up at the Flying Rooster Gallery at Zoots Cafe!

Its a charming little place around Gladstone and Dundas, really close to my home. I always go in there to get coffee when I go to the land o mat to clean my filthy clothes.

It will be up for the month of Febuary. If any of you art friends of mine are interested, the owner asked me to pass the word along to friends if you would like to show work there as well!

Things are going ok otherwise. Some very good things, some very bad things.

I think its important to always consider how what you do affects other people. This is a message not just to myself, and its just something that's been coming up a lot recently. Its pretty simple, but easy to forget.

So remember that next time, ok dudes? Ok.

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